Choose a Plan that Works for You

We offer several levels of membership so you can attend RHSS in the way that fits your life the best.

What You Get By Enrolling

As a student you will gain access to all of the semester content from Semester 1 through the current semester. Your payments must be current through the end of your current semester to retain access to the current semester content and videos.  

Dozens of Sessions

When you enroll, you will receive access to all the previous semesters of the RHSS up to and including the current semester plus all new content as long as you stay current with your membership.

Video Sessions

All the sessions are video based and exclusive to RHSS students. Each level of student has access to previous and current videos and Online and Onsite students can access the live stream.

1:1 Sessions with Mentors

Online and Onsite students receive one 30-minute session per month with a mentor to help you progress in your spiritual growth. Audit Students do not receive the 1:1 meetings. Meetings are virtual.

Guest Passes

Onsite students receive 3 passes per semester to a guest to a session which is unique to these students. Sharing Online Student accounts is prohibited by the Terms of Service.

Guest Speaker Impartation

Online and Onsite students will have access to a live stream with guest speakers where they impart directly to students.

Online Community

Online and Onsite Students will have access to an exclusive group that is for current students and mentors only. Audit students will not have access to this benefit.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”

People don’t want “religion” but they do want Heaven! While the world around us seems like it is spinning out of control, the children of God have been beckoned to grab hold of Heaven and bring it to Earth. A tsunami wave of God's presence is coming and the notoriously cold Northeast is going to be one of the hottest places to be.

Audit Online

By Auditing Online, you gain access to the full history of semester content, current semester content replays, class content...from our on-site instructors and ALL our guest speakers.

RHSS Online

If you can't attend locally, the online experience will give you similar access and credit as on-site. You'll have live stream access to weekly classes and weekly interaction with our speakers.

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