Our Courses

RHSS Courses are divided into Semesters. Each semester has a common theme, but classes will vary on the content. 

Year 1 - Discover


  • Discovering and Believing for the Supernatural
  • Detox
  • Identity
    • Salvation
    • Inner Healing


  • Intimacy on the Run
  • Discover Supernatural Revivalist
  • Tapping into Wells of Revival

Harvest & Evangelism

  • Leading Others to the Lord
  • Understanding God with a Harvest Focus
  • Power Evangelism
    • Power of the Word of Knowledge
    • Walking in Divine Appointments
    • Walking in Signs and Wonders

Discovering and Embracing the Supernatural

  • Gifts and Accessing Heaven
  • Healing
  • Prophetic
  • Words of Knowledge
  • Angels and Their Ministry

Ministry 101

  • Discover¬†a New Testament Leader
  • Life in the Kingdom vs Church
  • Calling out Gold in Others Like JESUS
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Steps to Prepare to Focus on my Calling

Year 2 - Focus

Your Gifting & DNA

  • Focus on your Gifting
  • The Gift Makes Room
  • Intimacy on the Run 2
  • Focus on your DNA and how GOD made you

Leadership & Ministry 201

  • Focus on a New Testament leader
  • Forsaking all for the Call of CHRIST
  • Personality Types
  • Gifts / Callings (Homework Online Personality Test)
  • Learning About Your Metron
  • Expanding Your Metron
  • Behind the Scenes

Kingdom Building

  • Focus on Kingdom Building
  • Building for the LORD and Flushing Agendas
  • Manifesting the Kingdom
  • Transforming Culture
  • Leaving a Legacy of the Kingdom


  • Focus on Preparation
  • Funding Strategies
  • Funding Project
  • Building Teams
  • Actively Stepping in Your Calling

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