Below is an overview of the process to apply to the Revival Harvest Supernatural School. If you have any questions before registering, contact us.

Revival Harvest Supernatural School Application

At RHSS, we are looking for believers that want to take their relation with God to new heights. enrollment in the school.

1-Select Your Student Level

Choose between Audit, Online, or Onsite Student. Please review the Pricing list below before making your choice.

There is a non-refundable $25 application fee that will be collected during the first phase of the signup process.

2-Complete the Intake Questionnaire

After you submit your initial application, you will recieve an email with instructions for you to complete a questionnaire that will let us know more about you and your goals in becoming an RHSS student.

3-Explore RHSS with 3-Day Temporary Access

While we review your application, you will be have 3 Days to access the content on the web site and explore the semester sessions. During this time, one of our student mentors will contact you discuss your application and any questions that you may have about RHSS and the Online School.

Audit Online

By Auditing Online, you gain access to the full history of semester content, current semester content replays, class content...from our on-site instructors and ALL our guest speakers.

RHSS Online

If you can't attend locally, the online experience will give you similar access and credit as on-site. You'll have live stream access to weekly classes and weekly interaction with our speakers.