Our Courses

RHSS Courses are generally divided into Years with 2 Semesters. Each semester has an overarching theme, but classes will vary on the content and each will be reflect what the Holy Spirit is saying specifically to the current students and those hearing the recordings.

Year 1 - Discover


  • Discovering and Believing for the Supernatural
  • Detox
  • Identity
    • Salvation
    • Inner Healing


  • Intimacy on the Run
  • Discover Supernatural Revivalist
  • Tapping into Wells of Revival

Harvest & Evangelism

  • Leading Others to the Lord
  • Understanding God with a Harvest Focus
  • Power Evangelism
    • Power of the Word of Knowledge
    • Walking in Divine Appointments
    • Walking in Signs and Wonders

Discovering and Embracing the Supernatural

  • Gifts and Accessing Heaven
  • Healing
  • Prophetic
  • Words of Knowledge
  • Angels and Their Ministry

Ministry 101

  • DiscoverĀ a New Testament Leader
  • Life in the Kingdom vs Church
  • Calling out Gold in Others Like JESUS
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Steps to Prepare to Focus on my Calling

Year 2 - Focus

Your Gifting & DNA

  • Focus on your Gifting
  • The Gift Makes Room
  • Intimacy on the Run 2
  • Focus on your DNA and how GOD made you

Leadership & Ministry 201

  • Focus on a New Testament leader
  • Forsaking all for the Call of CHRIST
  • Personality Types
  • Gifts / Callings (Homework Online Personality Test)
  • Learning About Your Metron
  • Expanding Your Metron
  • Behind the Scenes

Kingdom Building

  • Focus on Kingdom Building
  • Building for the LORD and Flushing Agendas
  • Manifesting the Kingdom
  • Transforming Culture
  • Leaving a Legacy of the Kingdom


  • Focus on Preparation
  • Funding Strategies
  • Funding Project
  • Building Teams
  • Actively Stepping in Your Calling

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