Revival Harvest Supernatural School

Revival Harvest Supernatural School is designed to provide an atmosphere of the prophetic through soaking, humility, praise and worship, dance, evangelism, servanthood, hospitality, edification, courage and meditation…

Transformation In Your Life

As a student at RHSS, you will learn about your identity in Christ and how the renewing of your mind will transform how you live.

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Learn how God wants to use you to reach the world around you. Signs, wonders, and miracles are your right in the Kingdom and follow those who are going.

3-Year Licensing Program

Work toward becoming a licensed minister in a prophetic environment

Our students will learn to embrace their glorious new identity in Christ, how to carry revival in a culture of honor, and how to extend the borders of the Kingdom through a supernatural Heaven-on-Earth lifestyle.

Gifts of the Spirit

Discover what the Gifts of the Spirit and what your personal giftings are


Entering the presence of God in worship is where transformation happens

Identity in Christ

Learn how salvation transforms and empowers you to live victoriously

Angelic Realm

Learn about angels, how they interact with us, and their role in the Kingdom

Power of Evangelism

Signs and wonders follow the proclamation of the Gospel:  Great Commission

So Much More

There are dozens of topics covered in the school that will grow your spiritual life

During the first year of RHSS, the Holy Spirit has begun a strategic alignment that has catapulted me into a new first love encounter with Jesus! I’m forever his! Forever Healed! A New creation! A New Life! Undergone a metamorphosis! All because Jesus first Loved Me!

Audrey M.

Because of RHSS, I have become a passionate lover of Jesus, hungry for His presence, His word and how to better love others. I am a new creation recognizing and.becoming what He paid for! Divine alignment by the Lord learning to be bold and courageous!

Val W.

Now I understand our God is merciful and kind and His love endures forever.




Shawn A.

RHSS Guest Speakers

Pastor David Whittington

David believes true healing and deliverance comes from being in the presence of the Lord and surrendering your own will for your own life. He teaches to lead by example and this is part of what people love about him the most. Since he has faced many of the setbacks that his residents in recovery face, he is able to counsel with love, compassion, and support and be used of God to bring them out of any struggles they are going through.

Dan Mohler

In 1995, Dan had a transforming encounter with God while at work. Since that time, he went on to serve as an associate pastor for 8.5 years. Dan is now traveling as an itinerant minister, sharing the transforming power of the Gospel in a way that leaves others changed forever.

Roberts Liardon

Dr. Roberts Liardon is an author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church historian, and humanitarian. He was called into the ministry at a very young age, preaching his first public sermon at the age of 13 and lecturing on God’s Generals in Christian colleges and universities at age 15.

Joyce Reed

Joyce Reed serves in the prayer ministry at The Prayer Furnace in Fredericksburg, VA. Joyce is strongly rooted in prayer. She has traveled with Perry Stone and has been serving in ministry for over 25 years.

Bill Vanderbush

Bill Vanderbush has been a Pastor for over 25 years. Bill grew up on the mission field, traveling all over the world and seeing thousands impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill and his wife, Traci, currently travel, speaking in conferences and churches around the world, as well as serving at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida, where Bill is a Pastor.

Kathie Walters

Kathie believes the realm of the Spirit, the supernatural realm, the angels, and heavenly visitations are meant to be a normal part of your life. She also believes that most people are robbed because of religious mindsets. Kathie ministers deliverance from those mindsets so that you can receive all that God has for you.

Daniel Newton

Daniel's passion for Christ, dedication to excellence, and selfless love have brought out the full potential of the young men and women he disciples. Daniel regularly organizes and leads teams across the world and continues to oversee Grace Place, which has grown to 10 properties.

Ray Leight

Ray wants to see people set free. For years, he struggled with mindsets and belief systems that brought fear, shame, and blame. Jesus set him free to live a life of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. His hope is to equip others to live that way too. In everything he does, he wants to equip people to live a lifestyle of freedom that is both practical and sustainable.

Daniel Burton

Daniel established Sent as One Ministries because he is passionate about equipping and encouraging the Church of Christ with the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ, ignited through the word of truth and the Holy Spirit. Daniel moves in healing, words of knowledge, and the prophetic. He loves to see people re-ignited with the fire of their first love and positioned in their God-given identity.

Abner Suarez

Over 20 years after a life-changing encounter, Abner’s journey in pursuing God’s assignment upon his life has taken him around the world where he functions as a speaker, prophetic voice and advisor. His ministry is marked with the ability to call forth the destiny of individuals, churches, cities and nations of the world.

Rich Brink

Rich Brink is a true father in the Kingdom. He served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years in the beautiful state of Maine, as well as building apostolic networks in the Northeast. He is known for his genuine heart of love for people and the desire to see each individual fulfill their destiny in God.

Richie Seltzer

Richie Seltzer was dramatically saved while crossing a bridge in Yorktown, Virginia. Upon believing the Gospel he devoted his life to fulfilling Jesus’s command to preach the Gospel to all creation. He currently travels the world full-time preaching the Gospel.

And More Speakers...

Chris Wohlgemuth
Aaron Threlkeld
Keith Mitzel
Don Wolabaugh
Lisa Hicks
And Many More…

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequent questions. Let us know if you have other quesitons not answered here.

What is the vision of the school?

The vision of RHSS is to see the Gospel extended outside of the four walls of the church to bring transformation and wholeness to the Northeast and then ultimately to the nations by sharing the extravagant love of Jesus, by declaring the working power of the Cross, and to see believers walk in the fullness of their salvation (healing, deliverance and restoration).

What is the mission of the school?

Our mission is to equip and teach individuals to develop in their calling. Each student will have the opportunity to be licensed after 2 years of course completion and 1 year of internship. Every student will be exhorted and trained to walk in a culture of honor as they carry Heaven's atmosphere back to their home, church, community and beyond.

What are examples of classes offered?

Personality Types
Ministry Behind the Scenes
Unpleasant Truths
Spiritual/Practical Life Skills
Gifts of the Spirit
Spiritual Authority
Identity and Salvation
Inner Healing
Power of Evangelism

What is the RHSS curriculum based on?

With a program similar to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum as well as the distinct world-changing DNA of Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry, adult students of all ages will passionately pursue God in a community based on love, faith and honor, and learn to build revival culture with solid Biblical understanding.

What does "presence-driven" mean?

People don’t want “religion” but they do want Heaven! While the world around us seems like it is spinning out of control, the children of God have been beckoned to grab hold of Heaven and bring it to Earth. A tsunami wave of God's presence is coming and the notoriously cold Northeast is going to be one of the hottest places to be.

How many sessions are there?

As we meet two nights every week for interactive training, our students will gain confidence developing ministry gifts within the safety of the classroom. Students will be encouraged to participate in Redemption House-style outreaches filled with love and joy where they will see Heaven touch Earth with their own hands.

Registration is Easy.

You will find the process of registering easy. We personally review all registrations to ensure that our students are ready to engage in the online or onsite classroom.

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