Week of 05/03/2021

  • May 7th Healing Service – it’s very important for students to be prepared for this service.  GOD is moving in miracles, signs, and wonders!  Please spend time in prayer and fasting this week in preparation for this event.
  • May 8th Sons and Daughters 10-1  See MJ and Matt for more information
  • Transformed By Truth with Daniel Newton, The Grace Place Team, and Steve Backlund (Bethel Redding, CA) May 20-23. This will be the last weekend for school and we want to make sure everyone gets involved with the conference and is here for our special RHSS time with Steve Backlund and Daniel Newton. Jacque has the volunteer sheet ready to fill in. (Anna come up and have class share event)

  • May 29th is our End of Year RHSS Picnic. Details will be coming soon!   May 29th Family Fun Day-Chris and Darnice want to involve the students and have announcements to make!

  • Prophetic Gathering June 3-6 2021 with Jamie Galloway
  • Freedom Fest July 1-4, 2021 with Dan Mohler and Leif Hetland


  • Please be aware that we will need the students help with serving for these conferences