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Register for the Men's Conferences

Registration – All male students should register for the women's conference –  cost is free to students – for more information and to register for the conference please CLICK HERE

Conferences are FREE for students! Not free for your whole family, but free for you. When registering, click on the Payments section and select RHSS STUDENTS ONLY, enter the code “STUDENT” for the special code section. All codes are verified.


Supernatural Summit Volunteer Opportunity



Game Night October 15th

Students, let's have some fun!  Bring your favorite game, your competitive edge and your appetite as 1st and 2nd year students come together to play games, fellowship, talk lots of  smack and eat pizza.   Game night starts on Friday, October 15th  at 6:00pm.  Pizza, salad,  desert, soda and water will be provided in limited quantity, so we are asking that you bring a dish.  Watch your email for the Sign-Up Genius link to sign-up for a dish to share with up to 20 people.

Remember: What happens at game night, stays at game night.


Healing Service Friday, December 3rd

God's desire is for you to be healed, healthy and whole. Whether you have been sick for one day or several years, this is your time to receive healing. Come out on Friday, October 1st at 7:00pm to experience the supernatural healing power of God.  You won't leave the same way you came in!


Evangelism on Sunday October 17th

Evangelism on Sunday October 17th….Our Beloved Pastor Tracy's Brother's memorial service will be held this Sunday at 6:30pm. Those not attending will group up for outdoor evangelism. Please dress appropriately, and be in prayer this week as we prepare to see souls saved and people touched by the love of God. We'll meet at the church during our usual time.                        
Blessings, see you all soon!   

Volunteer Sign-up for Love and Welcome Visitor Breakfast (VIP)

We are very excited to announce that we are continuing to have our Visitor Love and Welcome breakfast every first Sunday of the month. We look forward to connecting with our recent visitors at this upcoming breakfast. We invite all leaders to help and participate in the breakfast by signing up for set-up, bringing breakfast food items, or clean-up. Additionally, as leaders, you have an opportunity to connect and fellowship with the visitors that attend. We encourage every leader to take a look at the sign-up sheet below, specific to the next upcoming breakfast. Please prayerfully consider signing up for one of the open slots, as we need your help to make this breakfast a full success for the Kingdom! In order to attend the breakfast as a leader, you must have signed up for one of the open slots to bring a breakfast item, or bring a first time visitor that you have invited to come. 

Please let us know if you have any quesitons or concerns, by replying to this e-mail, or calling / texting Kendall and Audrey at 661-618-0096. 

Thank you and blessings!
Kendall and Audrey


Volunteer to Help the Pro-Team

Whether you are a technology novice or a skilled pro, the RHLC media and technical department needs your help.   Sign up to volunteer to operate video cameras, monitor the cameras during church services and conferences, while sharpening your technical still.   Use this easy sign up form to volunteer.  Your volunteer hours count toward your community service hours.


Small Group Survey

Complete the small groups survey if you have not already, or reply to this email to let us know you are interested so that we can send you info on open groups.
If you have any questions, please contact Small Groups Department leaders: Rachelle Kennedy at [email protected] or MJ Garza at [email protected].

 Click here to fill out the survey


Opening prayer, Transition, and MC-ing Roll Call

YEAR 2 & Interns ONLY

Please sign up for all three jobs at least once this semester. Your volunteering should be on three different nights.


Year 1

      • Reminder: The next scripture memorization test will be on 2 Cor. 5:17-21

      • Ministry service hours are due on 10/25/21. 
      • October  tuition is due by 10/31/21 by check or preferably PayPal.

      • Have you purchased your RHSS student      T-shirt?  if not, there is still time.  T-shirts are now available in all sizes and colors, black or grey.  The cost is only $15. See Colleen Ashley or Mary Mandela to get your shirt. 

    Year 2 Assigned 10/10

    • Read Leviticus 18-27, Numbers 1-7 and accompanying Marilyn Hickey notes. Write 2 revelations from the passages. Total length for both in a combined paper is to be no more than 1 page long.

    Year 3 Assigned 10/14

    • Read Psalms 64-79 and accompanying Marilyn Hickey notes. Write 2 revelations from the passages. Total length for both in a combined paper is to be no more than 1 page long.